MP Jake joins Jack Ross Budget Breakfast Q&A

One of the Coalition Government’s rising stars — Rossendale and Darwen MP Jake Berry — joined us for our post-Budget Question Time today. In-depth analysis of the chancellor’s budget came from our senior partner Peter Black and Jake spoke about the direction of the economy following George Osborne’s speech this week. The breakfast briefing offered[…]

National Insurance Planning

Strictly speaking, national insurance is not a tax at all, but a compulsory insurance premium. In the 100 years since national insurance was first introduced in 1911, it has evolved from the nature of insurance to that of tax. As a result of this part-evolved state, it has many curious provisions that offer scope for[…]

HMRC opens door to general amnesty

HMRC’s new tax guidance to plumbers and gas fitters could open the door to a general amnesty for all UK residents. Plumbers, gas fitters, heating engineers and members of associated trades are being encouraged to sign up to a new disclosure facility and pay outstanding tax liabilities. HMRC is offering the carrot of a reduced[…]

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Is HMRC clamping down on time to pay requests?

HMRC refused a growing number of requests to defer business tax payments under the Time to Pay scheme last year. Figures have revealed that HMRC turned down 5.8 per cent of all applications from firms, struggling with cash flow problems, to reschedule their VAT, PAYE and corporation tax payments. In 2009, the refusal rate was[…]

Fuel duty stabiliser can work …

Rising fuel costs have long been a real concern for both firms and families. The recent hike in VAT and the threat of a further increase in fuel duty have only added to the worries. One possible solution is the introduction of a fuel duty stabiliser, but some critics have doubted whether such a system[…]

New rules on capital allowances

There have been some significant recent changes on capital allowances that could influence your decisions on buying business assets in the immediate future. For tax purposes, a company cannot claim depreciation as a business expense. Instead, the business may be able to claim a capital allowance. Is it capital or revenue? The first question to[…]

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