Corporation tax still too high

The CBI has welcomed the Government’s pledge to introduce a phased reduction in corporation tax to just 24 per cent but wants to see more done to ease the tax burden on businesses, large and small. In its submission to the Government’s consultation document – Corporate Tax Reform – the employers’ group said that the[…]

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Sickness absence system to undergo a health check

The Government has announced that the current employee sickness absence system is to be the subject of a comprehensive review. The main remit of the review will be to examine how the system can be reformed so that more people can be helped to stay in work and costs for employers can be reduced. Due[…]

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Delay to new time to train rules gets a welcome

One of the continuing complaints of British firms is the level of red tape they face, and the time and resources that complying with the rules take up. There has, however, been some good news on the employment law front. The Government has decided to delay the introduction of new rules on the right of[…]

Guidance on the new pension saving rules

HMRC has issued new guidelines on the recent changes to the tax relief available on pensions. As part of the changes, the annual allowance for tax relief on pensions has been cut from £255,000 to £50,000 for 2011/12. The annual allowance covers how much can be paid into a pension pot while attracting tax breaks.[…]