Direct sellers become latest HMRC targets

Direct sellers, defined as selling directly to customers without the need of a shop, are the latest group to be targeted by the HMRC. The campaign aims to get those who may not have paid the right amount of tax to come forward. Those that do will be offered a more lenient penalty than those[…]

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Tax relief at Christmas

As Christmas edges closer we take a look at the qualifying tax expenditure your business could take advantage of over the festive season: Christmas parties Christmas parties can be held with an exemption from tax and national insurance provided they meet certain conditions, including: Being open to all employees Costing less than £150 per head.[…]

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Real Time Information (RTI) – are you ready?

Real Time Information (RTI) is a new system being introduced in April 2013 by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for the reporting of payroll information, which will effectively require employers and pension providers to provide detailed information to HMRC every time employees are paid rather than through the year end return. Under RTI, the employer[…]