Promotions and Changes

Each month we comment on the economy, the budget or other business matters. This month’s newsletter is focused on the staff at Jack Ross and JacRox, our online cloud accounting brand. We are very pleased to announce the appointment of a new Senior Tax Manager, Christine Wise. Christine joined us in early July and is[…]

Small firms gear up for auto-enrolment

Small businesses employing 40-49 workers will begin complying with their auto-enrolment duties from 1 August. The dates when businesses begin complying with auto-enrolment are known as staging dates. From this date employers are required to have enrolled employees onto a workplace pension scheme, written to staff members and signed the declaration of compliance. The staging[…]

Entrepreneurs’ relief changes affect family businesses

Family businesses are being unfairly penalised by changes to entrepreneurs’ relief (ER), according to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) Tax Faculty. The amendments, passed into law through the 2015 Finance Act, prevent retiring partners from claiming ER if they are associated with people in the purchasing business. Likewise sole traders[…]

Government publishes productivity strategy

A plan to improve the productivity of UK businesses has been published by the Treasury. The policy document identifies 2 key areas to stimulating productivity in the UK: long-term investment and a dynamic economy. Among the measures included in the strategy are: the government aims to increase business investment by lowering personal and business taxes,[…]