The economic damage of COVID-19

Had everything gone to plan this year, the Chancellor would have been delivering his Autumn Budget speech. Instead, Rishi Sunak declared an “economic emergency” alongside a slimmed down spending plan to see him through until spring. Nobody in government would privately claim there is any way to avoid tax rises at some point, but the[…]

To flip or not to flip?

With property being one of the most reliable investments around in a period of historic low-interest, many money-savvy people these days end up owning additional properties. They might rent them out, live in them or simply sit on them to sell on when the time is right. Whatever your reason for owning multiple residential properties,[…]

Employee of the Month – October 2020

Congratulations to our Tax Associate Humairah Perager on being voted Employee of the Month by her colleagues for October 2020! Humairah won for always being so helpful, and a great teacher when training staff on new processes. Humairah also received a nomination for how she goes out of her way to help clients, and for[…]