October 8, 2014

Jack Ross Job Application Form

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I confirm that the above statements and information are true. I understand that I will be liable for dismissal if any information given is subsequently found to be deliberately misleading. I accept that I will be expected to produce certificates as evidence of my qualifications.

I consent to Jack Ross processing, by means of a computer database or otherwise, any information which I provide to them for the purpose of my application.

Equal Opportunities

Jack Ross is committed to promoting a diverse workforce and to active policies which eliminate unfair discrimination. Jack Ross do not discriminate on any grounds other than the ability to carry out the job. Monitoring is essential to ensure that the policies are being properly implemented and your answers to the questions below will provide statistical information that helps us evaluate our commitment to diversity.

This information will be detached before your application is considered. Any information given will be held in strict confidence and will not affect your application. We ask for your co-operation in completing this section.