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A new tax address

To speed up the handling of post, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has announced that it is changing the addresses shown on PAYE and self assessment forms and letters. These forms and letters currently show different tax office names and addresses which taxpayers use when they write to HMRC about their tax affairs.

As a way of improving the system, HMRC is switching the addresses to PO Boxes, a move that will enable records to be handled by staff in any location. The change will be introduced in phases over the next year. HMRC has said it will clearly state the PO Box address on forms and letters issued to customers. Existing tax office names and addresses will continue to be used for those taxpayers with more complex affairs.

The tax system is undergoing all sorts of changes at the moment. Remember: we can make sure that you both comply with the rules and pay no more tax than you should be paying.