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Forensic Accountancy

Since 1948, Jack Ross Chartered Accountants has provided state-of-the-art accounting services in Greater Manchester and beyond. We pride ourselves on our dedication to financial integrity and technological innovation. Whether you’re a sole trader or a large corporation, our clients are our priority. 

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Jack Ross Chartered Accountants in Manchester offer a wide range of forensic accountancy services, from acting as ‘expert witnesses’ in legal proceedings to settling financial disputes within businesses.

We recognise that this work can be delicate and we pride ourselves on our nuance and discretion in highly personal matters, such as ancillary relief in divorce proceedings. 

What is Forensic Accounting?

Forensic accounting involves the scrutiny of financial statements and records to ensure their accuracy. It can be used in a variety of procedures, from comprehensive audits to business disputes. Forensic accountants are often employed in order to investigate illegal activities, including fraud or money laundering offences.

What Forensic Accounting services do Jack Ross offer?

Jack Ross Chartered Accountants offer a wide range of forensic accountancy services:

Ancillary Relief

We understand the financial disputes that arise during divorce proceedings. With a breadth of experience, our forensic accountants can identify hidden assets, ensure correct valuations, and provide the necessary documentation to support your case. We’re here to make sure no stone remains unturned.

Business Valuation

Business valuation is the process of determining the monetary worth of a company. There are many reasons for a business valuation, from corporate transactions and shareholder disputes to matrimonial cases. It provides a clear insight into a company’s net worth, making it invaluable for business owners, investors, and solicitors.

Fraud and Financial Investigation

When investigating fraud or other serious financial crimes, our forensic accountants gather evidence, often undertaken with computer-assisted techniques, to detect financial discrepancies. From allegations of wrongdoing to falsification of documents, our forensic accountants use their investigative skills to uncover the truth.

Criminal and Regulatory

A specialist forensic accountant is often used in legal cases. Their ability to analyse financial records, present financial evidence in court, and provide expert witness testimony can heavily influence the outcome of a case, be it defence or prosecution. 

Criminal Confiscation

In criminal confiscation proceedings, a forensic accountant acts as an expert witness, providing critical insights into the defendant’s finances and assisting in accurately calculating the ‘benefit’ figure. This number represents the financial gain a defendant has reaped from their criminal activities.

Forensic Insolvency

Forensic insolvency delves into the financial health of businesses, identifying potential misconduct, wrongful trading, and instances where company directors might have breached fiduciary duties. The specialist insights offered by forensic accountants can be instrumental in corporate recovery, especially in scenarios where insolvency is often the result of fraudulent practices.

Commercial Dispute Resolution

Quantifying financial loss in litigation is a meticulous task. Forensic accountants delve into financial statements, assess the merit of claims, and calculate potential damages. They consider various factors, from profit and loss statements to the impact of breaches and negligence. Their expertise ensures that financial losses are accurately represented, aiding in fair settlements or legal proceedings.

Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Forensic accounting is pivotal in business interruption claims. Our forensic accountants meticulously evaluate the financial impact of interruptions on insured businesses, ensuring claims are based on quantifiable data. They play a critical role in validating claims’ legitimacy and determining the actual financial loss endured.

Shareholder Disputes

In a shareholder dispute, our forensic accountants can review the company’s financial statements, ensuring their accuracy and highlighting any irregularities. Their services become especially invaluable when allegations of misappropriation of the company’s money or unfair financial practices surface. They delve deep, tracing funds, identifying discrepancies, and ensuring the company’s books are accurate.

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