Blacklarke HR Consulting

Jack Ross Chartered Accountants is proud to recommend Blacklarke HR Consulting for clients’ HR needs. Whether you are looking to review or develop your HR policies and processes, deal with employee issues such as disciplinary cases, or simply need advice on communicating and engaging with your staff, Blacklarke will be on hand to support. Blacklarke[…]

Small firms gear up for auto-enrolment

Small businesses employing 40-49 workers will begin complying with their auto-enrolment duties from 1 August. The dates when businesses begin complying with auto-enrolment are known as staging dates. From this date employers are required to have enrolled employees onto a workplace pension scheme, written to staff members and signed the declaration of compliance. The staging[…]

Flexible working not advertised during recruitment

Employers could be missing out on top talent by not advertising flexible working arrangements during recruitment, a report by Timewise has suggested. The jobs board found that 6% of all jobs offering a salary between £20,000 and £29,999 advertise flexible working arrangements during recruitment. Higher salaried jobs were less likely to offer flexible work: 3%[…]

New holiday pay rules come into effect

Employers will need to account for overtime when calculating holiday pay from 1 July 2015. The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) ruled in November 2014 that employers must factor in overtime, commissions and bonuses when making holiday pay calculations, instead of only taking basic pay into account. Holiday pay for employees who receive irregular remuneration will[…]

PAYE late filing penalties are relaxed by HMRC

HMRC officials have acknowledged that they will start relaxing late filing penalties for people who send PAYE information late. In a statement released on 17 June 2015 they acknowledged that they will take a more proportionate approach and concentrate on the more serious defaults on a risk-assessed basis. This decision relates to their earlier conclusions within[…]

Businesses lack mental health policies

Three quarters of employers don’t have a workplace mental health policy, research by the Institute of Directors (IoD) and YouGov has found. The survey of 1,150 employees and 586 employers reveals that stress and anxiety affect the productivity of 32% of employees. The research found that: 77% of employers haven’t introduced a mental health policy[…]

Late Filing Penalty Regime For Payroll Real Time Information (RTI)

As you are aware from 6th April 2013 the Government introduced a new way of operating the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) scheme for most employers. The new system is called Real Time Information (RTI). We wrote about the changes in our November 2012 e-shot newsletter, and below is the link to the article This[…]