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Running a business during this summer of sports

First we had Euro 2012 (Football), then Wimbledon (Tennis) then of course it’s the Olympics (Athletics).  We are all aware of these events, but have you taken the time to consider how this may affect your business?

A lot of your employees will want to watch these events and this may affect attendance formally through official requests for leave and possibly unofficial absence and sickness. You will need to manage this and ensure that it has a minimal impact on your business. Below are a few suggestions that may be of help:

1) Be flexible.

  • Consider flexible hours for your staff during the period. For example, they agree to work ‘core hours’ during the day, but choose to start or finish earlier so that they are able to watch their chosen event.
  • If it’s practical to do so, encourage your staff to swap shifts.
  • Allow staff less interested in the events to work overtime (or to accrue time off in lieu) to cover the absence of their colleagues.

2) Consider how you could ensure that your staff are able to watch key events whilst at work by offering special screening on your premises (but do ensure you a TV License for this).

3) Consider how increased traffic as a result of the events may impact staff attendance and time keeping. This again means that it may be worth allowing a measure of flexibility in the start and finish time for some employees and even the opportunity to work from home.

4) Whilst being as flexible as possible, make sure that staff are clear on the process for taking time off and that they are aware of the consequences of taking time off without prior authorisation.

You will need to monitor the situation on an ongoing basis. Also see it as positive opportunity for learning more about staff and their interest and have a great summer.

Fact – useful information

The Sunday Trading (London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games) Bill has now received Royal Assent.  The Act suspends restrictions on large shops’ Sunday trading hours for eight weeks from 22 July to 9 September 2012 during the London Olympic and Paralympic Games.