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Was it Bright Days Ahead for 2011?

Back in the cold, dark days of January, in my article Bright days would soon be back, I suggested that 2011 would be a year of growth. Five months on, the weather doesn’t seem to have improved, and neither does the economic climate.

Food prices have outstripped wage increases for the first time since the 1870’s, fuel prices remain stubbornly high, and the public sector has begun to feel the Coalition government’s cuts. On top of all that we have the Eurozone sovereign debt problems which are making the markets very jittery.

On the face of it my efforts to read the future don’t look too great. However, amid all the gloom I believe that, although it may be difficult, it is not impossible to make decent profits in this climate.

One option to increase profits is acquiring another business, and don’t worry about what you may have read, if the business case stacks up, the banks will lend.

It can be a daunting prospect, and of course it is not without risk. But the right acquisition will lead to increased profits, and greater wealth when you eventually sell your business (please see article below for the tax implications of selling your business). In fact, with the economy the way it is this may actually be a very good time to make an acquisition.
We can help you across the whole process, including finding relevant businesses for sale, access to finance, and financial due diligence. And, while we look after the financials, we work with a number of corporate lawyers who can advise on the legal aspects of acquiring a new business.

Acquisition is not for everyone, but done well the rewards are enough to ensure a brighter tomorrow for those who make the move. If you want to know more call us on 0161 832 4451.