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Client Tax Portal

Welcome to the Jack Ross Tax Portal Guide

In this article, we will explain how to enter your tax information quickly and securely into our Tax Portal.


You will receive an email inviting you to enter your tax information into the portal.

A screenshot of an email detailing steps for online tax return filing, including references to Jack Blox Online Portal, Jack Blox Client Portal, and EMPAC Income Viewer for assistance.
If you are not ready to send the information to us, please click on the highlighted link and we will send you a reminder in 60 days.
If you ask for a reminder, you will be redirected to a webpage confirming your choice. You will receive email confirmation of this.


When you are ready to submit your information, please click on the highlighted link and you will be redirected to our tax portal.
You can do this on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
If the name and email address are correct, please click the green Sign In button. If these details are incorrect, please contact the office on 0161 832 4451 and they will be amended.
A form titled "Jack Ross Information Request" with fields for Name filled as "Mr Test" and Email Address, followed by a green "Sign in" button.


Once you have clicked the green Sign In button, you will arrive on the welcome page displayed below.
Please read the instructions at the top of the page carefully.
A webpage screenshot of a client information submission form with various sections related to employment income, investment income, pensions, and savings. Each section has a dropdown and an update timestamp.
There are subheadings based on the information from last year’s tax return.
A screenshot of a tax form interface showing sections for various income types, pension, and bank details. Options at the bottom include locking data, a tax report view, and downloading attachments.
You can open each section by clicking on the subheading.
A software interface for updating trading income is shown. It has fields for name, last year amount, current gross, and comments, with an upload button and an additional information section at the bottom.
Please fill in every section. You can also upload supporting documentation using the red Upload button.
If there are too many documents to send via the portal, please write in the ‘Comment’ box that the information will follow separately.
At the bottom of each section, there is a box that reads: ‘Enter additional information here’.
A form titled "Trading Income" with a red header requesting income-related uploads. It includes fields for the name, last year amount, current gross, and comments. The name field is filled with "MT Test Client Market tracker.
Screenshot of an online platform for updating trading income. Fields include name, last year amount, current gross, and comments. There are options to upload documents and mark the section as complete.
When you have entered all the relevant information for a section, please tick Section Complete. Once this box is ticked, click the green Update button to save your information in the portal.
Web form for updating trading income, showing fields for name, last year amount, current gross, and comment. A user named "My Test Client Market trader" has updated the income to 273.61.
The penultimate section of the form is entitled Additional Information. Please answer the questions YES or NO and provide supplemental information in the Notes box.
Please click on the red button that reads ‘Click here to upload files’ to provide any supporting documentation.
The final section asks for your Bank Details. These are used in the event of a repayment from HMRC.
A form for entering bank details with fields for Bank Name, Account Name, Sort Code, and Account Number. There is an "Update Bank Details" button at the bottom.
The image shows an online form with fields for additional information on investments, student loans, child benefits, and other income sources, along with options to upload files and update info.


Once you have completed and clicked Update on every section, you are ready to submit.
Please tick the All Information Complete box.
A notification displays three buttons: "Send Notification to Jack Ross" in green, "View all wear areas for printing" in light blue, and "Download Attachments" in blue.
You will then see the below message. Please read the instructions and click OK.
Notification from the Jack Ross portal confirming the completion of a tax return information request, with instructions to click the “Send information to Jack Ross” button to proceed. Contact details provided.
To complete the process and submit all your information, please click the green ‘Send information to Jack Ross’ button.
A screen displaying three options: "Send Confirmation to Back Office" in green, "View and Verify Prior to Printing" in cyan, and "Download Attachments" in blue.
You will receive an email confirming the information provided and we will contact you should we require any further information.
If you have any queries, please phone 0161 832 4451 or email your usual Jack Ross contact.