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Companies House obligations for newly formed companies

If you have just formed a new company and been appointed as the director there are a number of obligations you should be aware of, two of these being the filing of company documents with Companies House.

The documents which Companies House required include:

  1. Annual accounts for the company
  2. The annual return for the company (Corporation Tax Return)

Not all new directors are aware that it is actually a criminal offence not to file the above documents on time and that in not filing these they will receive automatic late filing penalties.

Research done by Companies House has shown that over 50% of new companies that file their first set of accounts have first time directors!

This is where hiring an accountant to handle your company accounts is key. As experienced Chartered Accountants we are well versed in working with newly incorporated companies across Manchester and understand what is required so that you do not incur penalties.

Don’t get caught out by filing your company documents late, speak with Manchester accountants Jack Ross today on 0161 832 4451 or email