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Don’t be a payroll dummy

HMRC recently revealed that hundreds of employers have entered inaccurate information on employer returns – 128 staff had been entered as Mr, Ms or Mrs Dummy, while 40 employees are more than 200 years old according to their date of birth!

It is vital that the information submitted is correct, otherwise you could end up wasting yours and your employees’ time, as HMRC needs to match the employee to the right tax records.

Correct records are important, particularly because of the new Real Time Information (RTI) system that will be compulsory from October 2013. The new system, which will require employers to tell HMRC about tax, national insurance contributions, and other deductions when or before the payments are made, instead of after the end of the tax year, is currently being tested.

If we do your payroll, please ensure that all information provided is accurate and up to date. Or, if you would like help with your payroll, please contact us for more information.