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Employee engagement: best practice

Increasingly there is talk of the importance of employee engagement in the workplace. But what does best practice in employee engagement look like? Here are a few key principles:

  •         Identify the problems that make the workplace uninteresting for employees
  •         Experiment and innovate to come up with effective and practical employee engagement activities
  •         Build a reproducible model with room for improvement – the employee engagement model should allow for realignment to any shift in the nature of the problems or culture
  •         An employee might have doubts regarding the alignment of his or her goals to that of the company’s. Encourage transparency and communicate the company’s goals and future plans via regular sessions
  •         Schedule skip-level meetings or senior management interaction sessions, wherein management help employees understand their role in the growth of the company
  •         Communicating to employees that they are an essential and valued part of the organisation goes a long way in employee engagement