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Employee of the Month – April 2023

employee of the month award

As quick as a flash we find the first month of our new financial year behind us. A new King has been coronated and its time to designate a crown of our own here at Jack Ross. All of us have been voting, and so its time again to recognise our Employee of the Month!

As is always the case, everyone’s been knuckling down here at the office. However, despite our team’s outstanding efforts, no one could quite compete with….

Drum roll please…

Our new Practise Supervisor, KATE PARTINGTON!

Kate has been member of our admin team for just over two years. She has been known throughout her time here as an incredibly dedicated member of the Jack Ross team. Recently promoted to Practise Supervisor, she has hit the ground running in her new role. The recognition she’s been given by her colleagues this month is very much testament to this.

With a plethora of new responsibilities taken in her stride, Kate has managed to maintain the smooth running of Jack Ross without a hitch. Whilst still being of great help to those she works closest within the admin team, our senior leadership team have also welcomed her input with open arms. One nomination described Kate as ‘extremely organised, conscientious and supportive’.

Kate’s commitment to improving work practises whilst maintaining an enjoyable and positive working environment for those around her serves as further evidence that she is well and truly deserving of April’s employee of the month award. Her bubbly, approachable but direct manner have made her transition into a position of leadership seamless. I’m sure everyone in the office would agree. She has been a great role model for all of us in these past few weeks, and will without a doubt continue to demonstrate her ability and work ethic in the future.

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