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Employee of the Month – August 2022

A woman smiling in August.

The votes are in for our August Employee of the Month. It has been a big month, unlike any other. This month we have an exciting double win!

Sharing this months title as employee of the month is…

Khadija Toppa and Mach Tu!


Let’s start with Mach! Her colleagues have praised her Audit work this month. She has working diligently through her assigned tasks and used last years’ experience to help newer members of the team. She adapted to new software involved in this audit and provided a high quality service for all of her clients.

Whilst working on this job she was also able to help newer members of staff with their training and development. MAch was on hand to help with queries from staff and clients throughout August. Her votes also mentioned her Effectiveness and Responsibility in her day to day role.

Next up is Khadija. Khadija is a fairly new member of the tax team but has already received a lot of recognition from her colleagues. Her votes were largely around the huge progress she has already made on completing tax returns. In order to avoid the rush in January we have already requested information from all of our clients so we can get them submitted early. Khadija has played a key role in this by preparing the returns and answering queries from clients where necessary.

She has quickly picked up our processes and taken on a lot of responsibilities in the tax team. Khadija has made a huge effort to get to know her colleagues and always helps out where she can, and does it with a smile. She is a great addition to the Jack Ross team as a whole, but especially on the Personal Tax team

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