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Employee of the Month – January 2022

As many of you may know, January is one of our busiest months. The Tax Return deadline creeps up on us and it really is all hands-on deck. All the staff at Jack Ross have put in their fair share of hard work this month. But we have had a landslide win for January’s employee of the month.

The winner is…

Humairah Perager!

During the month of January, Humairah has been working hard on Tax Returns. She has completed most of our Tax Returns and has been able to get the majority out before the deadline on the 31st January by staying organised and on top of her work. She has taken on a huge responsibility and handled it so well despite many difficulties during this busy period.

Humairah has gone above and beyond for both clients and her colleagues. She has been working long hours to ensure that we maintain our high service standards, and that clients were able to get their Tax Liability paid on time. Humairah has been supportive of her colleagues during this period when they required help and she has guided some of our junior staff on the procedures to, so that they were able to help. She really has been a role model to everyone this month.

Despite how busy this has been and the difficulties she has faced this month, Humairah has remained positive and upbeat and always happy to help. On top of all the hard work she has committed to Tax Returns she even went on to pass two of her exams with amazing results and is now on route to be CTA qualified. We are all so impressed with Humairah’s dedication this January.

We are so proud of you Humairah!

Humairah is part of an amazing team who are all help to help you with any queries you may have. If you would like to speak to us about your enquiries, please get in touch. Fill in the form below and we will be in touch soon!