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Employee of the Month – July 2022

Another month has passed, and again, we are ready to celebrate the work of one of our staff members who excelled in July.

And the winner is… Kate Partington!


The admin department has been very busy in the last month or two. Kate’s ability to manage the workload has earned her the top spot in July. Alongside our Practice Manager, Wendy, Kate has ensured that during the month of July the office has run smoothly and efficiently.

Kate is always helpful even when she has a lot of her own work to do. She is always happy to help her colleagues and ensures that her own workload is managed too.

A big part of her job is to follow up with clients and gather information and get responses to queries. During July she was able to help other teams by making lots of calls to get jobs finished. This was especially helpful as deadlines were approaching.

She is always great with the clients and answers queries where possible. This is a huge help to the other staff members who may not be available. It ensures the client has still received the service they require.

One staff member described Kate as an “all round good egg” as she is always happy to offer assistance and learn new things to help improve the admin department and the efficiency of the office.

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