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Employee of the Month – June 2022

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It’s the time of the month where we celebrate the achievements of our staff members in June.

As always, our team here have been voting for a colleague who has shown to be going above and beyond this month. We had a close race this month, but our winner has been decided.

The winner is…. Zayd Abdullatif!

June EMoyee of the month

Zayd has recently progressed to a manager. His dedication to his clients and the support he offers his colleagues contributed to this promotion in June. He is always ready and willing to help his colleagues and is a great help to all his clients.

Despite having a busy workload and managing to stay on top of this he often provides much needed support. This support was recognised by multiple members of the team and played a big role in his win this month.

Zayd has a great understanding of our systems and is happy to explain these to other staff members who may have a little less experience and he loves to help out with any complex queries anyone might have. He is a great problem solver and enjoys working

Zayd has an excellent relationship with all his clients, and this allows him to provide a high standard service to them.

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