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Employee of the Month – March 2023

employee of the month award

Another month has flown by here at Jack Ross and its time again to announce our employee of the month!

Drum roll please…


employee of the month

This month saw an extraordinary five-way tie for the top spot, meaning it would only be fair to pick a name out of a hat. The lucky winner was Zayd, our newly-chartered client manager.

His luck, however, was not undeserved. Zayd’s demonstrated his commendable willingness to assist with work around the office and answer queries for his colleagues, in spite of his own busy work schedule. Zayd received a nomination for assisting with the conversion of a company’s financial records from one software to another. He and our fantastic Mach Tu worked tirelessly to complete the conversion against a deadline.

Zayd never fails to bring a positive energy to the office. Furthermore, his ability to give constructive criticism and help to improve his colleagues’ work without undermining their strengths always shines. He has gone above and beyond to earn the employee of the month award, and I’m sure everyone at Jack Ross would agree.

Honourable Mentions:

The contest for first place this month was immense. Joint contenders included new starters Ria Mathew and Joel Bromley-Pryce, who impressed us all with their great work in their first month. Nick Lord and Mach Tu also received a winning number of nominations.

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