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Employee of the month – March 2022

A woman sitting on the grass in March.

Its time to celebrate the outstanding work of our staff once again with the March employee of the month vote. Our staff have been nominating their peers based on their work over the month and we have a winner.

The winner is… Jennifer Lovick!


Jen received a few votes in March from various staff members. It was noted that Jen has taken on a lot of new clients recently. She has been able to effectively manage them herself and provide an excellent quality of service. Where she has needed help with a client, she has been proactive and asked for help from the appropriate person.

Jen always makes time to help her colleagues. She is always willing to help and review any work that is required urgently. She is a very reliable colleague and throughout March, has proven this by offering to help when she has capacity to do so.

Our admin team were grateful for Jens help in March. She was able to assist them on the phones when some staff were not in the office for various reasons. This allowed us to ensure all calls were answered and that the admin team were still able to get their other work done. Jen is also always kind and positive when in the office. Her generosity includes work related help but also simple acts of kindness such as offering team members drinks on her way to the kitchen.

If you have any accounting queries that someone like Jen might be able to help you with, please feel free to use the form below to enter your details. We will be in touch to arrange a free consultation

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