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Employee of the Month – May 2023

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We at Jack Ross have once again been voting for our star employee. After a painstaking tie break decision, we’re finally able to announce our office roll model for last month!

Drum roll please…

The winner is… JACOB WALTERS !!

Jacob being handed Employee of the Month trophy

Jacob has been voted by our team for a variety of reasons. One of these is his outstanding effort in picking up work from a member of our SLT who has not been able to come into the office for a number of weeks. Any number of factors can cause imbalances in the workforce. Sharing the workload and making sure everything runs smoothly despite this is a highly valued attribute of any employee here at Jack Ross. Jacob has demonstrated his ability to go above and beyond to ensure that he does just that.

Another voter mentioned Jacob’s vast knowledge base. Combined with his willingness to assist less experienced staff members, Jacob contributes massively to our overall growth and development. It also, again, aids the smooth running of the company as a whole, making it a great reason for Jacob to have won this month’s award.

Aside from his hard work and dedication, I’m sure everyone at Jack Ross would agree that Jacob’s consistent positivity and incredibly friendly manner brings a vibrant energy to the office which brightens everyone’s day. Not only is he approachable and helpful to members of staff within the office, he also has a great phone manner and I’m sure any of our clients reading this who have dealt with Jacob could vouch for the fact that he strives to make every call both productive and enjoyable.

Congratulations to Jacob for his well deserved victory last month. I have no doubt that he will continue to impress us going forward.

Employee of the Month – Honourable Mention

As mentioned, this month’s vote did result in a tie. I couldn’t, therefore, fail to mention the efforts of the other competitor for the top spot. In an impressive early entry to the race, it was our newest member of the admin department, Jamie Kellet! Professionalism and eagerness to learn is what we look for at Jack Ross. Jamie has demonstrated a commendable level of both. Helping out where he can with various tasks that need doing, and bringing a smile to the faces of those he works with through his cheerful manner. Overall, a fantastic start to his time here.

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