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Employee of the Month – May 2022

It’s time for us to show our appreciation for one of our wonderful employees once again. The month of May has been and gone and we had a wide range of nominations this month. A credit to all of the varied work our staff undertake. This further emphasises that all members of staff give 100% to their work.

Our winner in May is… Ben Storan.

Ben only recently joined Jack Ross back in April. However, he has made a noticeable impression on his Jack Ross colleagues. They have recognised his willingness to learn new things and get involved in various aspects of the work we do here. He has settled in well with the team and is always asking lots of questions to ensure he has a fully understanding of the task at hand.

Many of the client managers noted that he has picked up the work he has been given quickly, with a great understanding. This includes annual accounts, payroll, and Audit work. He has already started to work alongside some of our Barrister clients to help them with their accounts and payroll.

One of the more technical jobs that Ben has helped with involves Audit work. May is a big month with a few audits coming up that we need to do. Despite his lack of experience in this area he has picked up the working quickly and ensured to ask lots of questions so that he fully understands the work. This has then been shown in his work, which is completed quickly, efficiently and to a high standard.

He is always willing to help out where he can which will further add to his knowledge and experience which is sure to help him in his career here at Jack Ross.

As always, our staff are on hand to help out. If you require help with your accountancy needs leave us a message below and we will be in touch.

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