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Employee of the Month – October 2022

A smiling woman celebrating her achievement

Halloween is over but we still have a treat in this blog for you. Our team have been voting for their employee of the month in October.

And our winner is…

Wendy Ainsworth!

October Employee of the month

Wendy is our superstar Practice Manager and although this is an award for the month of October, Wendy is a star all year round!

The main reason Wendy was voted this month was for her ongoing support to all the departments at Jack Ross. She is hardworking and reliable and always willing to help. Being the Practice Manager, she has a lot of her own work to do but always manages to help out whilst taking care of her own workload.

She has played a vital role in training up the newest members of staff throughout October. Wendy made sure they felt welcome with her approachable and friendly attitude. The admin team are in the office five days a week and so Wendy is always there for a quick chat and to have a laugh to make the day more enjoyable.

Wendy is an excellent role model to everyone in the office. She is always happy to mentor the admin team and pass on her wisdom and experience! Her knowledge of our clients and procedures is unmatched and she is always happy to share that with her colleagues.

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