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Employee of the Month – September 2021

September really brought to light some of the fantastic work that the staff at Jack Ross do. Now it’s time to show our appreciation for one outstanding member of the team. This person has worked extra hard throughout September and impressed their colleagues.

This month’s winner is – Humairah Perager!

Humairah was voted as employee of the month for September because of her excellent training presentation. This month she created a presentation to show new staff how to do our Payroll process. She then presented this to the group in great detail and was able to answer any questions given to her. Her colleagues that attended the presentation were really impressed and grateful for her insights.

In addition to this she has been able to assist her colleagues with other training and guidance when taking on this new process. She is always happy to help and a great role model for everyone around her.

Further to this she has managed to maintain her own work load and ensure that everything is up to date in her department. Whilst maintain her workload she always puts 100% effort into everything she does. This has a positive impact on the entire team.

She has a great personality and always brings a positive and cheery attitude with her to work, which in turn reflects on the rest of the team and make the office a nice place to be.

Well done Humairah! You worked hard for this and your colleagues can see that. Keep up the good work.

We have so many wonderful staff, like Humairah, here at Jack Ross. If you would like help with any of your accountancy needs, please complete the form below. We will set you up to speak to the right person and arrange a free consultation for you.

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