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Employing apprentices: checklist

The take up of apprenticeships is increasing among employers. Here is a checklist of things to consider when employing apprentices:

1.      Ensure you can offer 30 hours per week for at least a year

2.      Can you afford more than minimum wage, particularly if there is a subsidy available to you? Are you paying what the job is worth?

3.      Match the job with one of the apprenticeship frameworks

4.      Research your funding options

5.      Contact a relevant local training provider to discuss your apprenticeship opportunity

6.      Identify a member of staff available to you who can mentor the apprentice

7.      Be sure the skills you want the apprentice to gain exist within your organisation and can be passed on through this scheme

8.      Ensure everyone understands you will be releasing your apprentice to study during work time

9.      Establish when and where the training will take place and communicate that to your team

10.   Determine how the apprentices will document their evidence for assessment

11.   Review and update, where necessary, your health and safety, quality and diversity and performance management policies

12.   Get a contract ready. You can use your own employment template with an addendum relating to the terms of the apprenticeship.