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Jacrox: The biggest increase since 1948

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It’s been twelve months since we launched our new online cloud accounting brand, JacRox which is powered by Xero cloud accounting software. We had very high hopes for JacRox, and we have been overwhelmed by its success. We now act for clients not just across the UK, but across the Globe who wish to take advantage of real-time accounting. This new offering has led to the biggest increase in new clients since Jack Ross himself founded the practice back in 1948. We have had some growth pains and we have implemented new systems and employed additional staff – in fact we have run out of space this month and we are at looking at other ways of ensuring we meet the needs of our new clients.

With this rapid success, our systems and procedures have been creaking slightly. We know that in some instances we have fallen slightly short of the high standards of service, but rest assured I am confident that normal service is now resumed.

There are a number of benefits from switching to cloud accounting software and if you need a demonstration please drop me a line.

In other news, earlier this month I was invited to meet George Osborne in Downing Street. I lobbied him on the unfairness of the new “dividend tax” which is proposed from next April. You can read what I said to the Chancellor in this blog.

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