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Keeping staff motivated

Here are some tips for managers to challenge, inspire and motivate their employees to do their best work.

  1. Ensure employees are aware of the big picture and why the work that they do is important to the organisation and its customers.
  2. Lead by example. If you show dedication to the organisation and work honestly and hard, your staff are likely to do the same. Don’t expect them to do what you would not do.
  3. Be accountable. If you are accountable for your actions, it’s easier for your employees to take responsibility and be accountable for theirs.
  4. Give feedback. You may have a performance management system in place through which you provide employees with feedback, but you don’t need to wait until meetings to provide feedback – do so on a day-to-day basis.
  5. Openly celebrate employees’ accomplishments, but deal with failings in private.
  6. Delegate responsibility and challenge employees in a supportive manner to take on more responsibility – letting them know that they will be supported if they get things wrong.
  7. Ensure that staff are equipped to do their jobs with the necessary tools, training and support.
  8. Openly communicate with staff about the organisation, without overburdening them with details.
  9. Be as flexible as effectiveness will allow. Provide frameworks on what needs to be done without dictating how tasks need to be achieved.
  10. Show your human side and demonstrate empathy, humour and humility. Don’t be afraid to show that you care. People are most responsive to people that care about them.