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Overtime normal for most managers

More than 90% of managers work more than their contracted weekly hours, according to research from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

Nearly two thirds (65%) of respondents to the ILM’s survey reported pressure to work overtime, while 44% said they were under pressure from their boss.

The survey of more than 1,000 ILM members found that the most common ways to put in extra hours were working late (76%), working through lunch (48%) and working weekends (38%).

Key findings:

  • 53% said they needed to work extra hours to complete their workloads
  • 47% work at least 1 extra day (7.5 hours) per week
  • 13% said they worked more than 15 extra hours
  • 13% said they were pleased with their work/life balance.

Charles Elvin, chief executive of the ILM, said:

“Excessive hours are not sustainable – there are only so many times you can burn the midnight oil before your performance, decision making and wellbeing begin to suffer. This is why it’s so important for organisations to equip staff with the fundamental planning and time management skills they need to cope with their workloads more effectively.”

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