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Plan now or you could end up working into your 70s

A recent report revealed that high pension charges and the wrong choice of annuity could cut a savers’ pension income by almost a quarter – forcing some to work past their 70s.

Planning for retirement is important, particularly as life expectancy continues to rise and the state pension age edges closer to 70. There are actions you can take to make sure that you are not working into your 70s, but it is important that you seek professional advice in doing so.

Areas that you may wish to consider when putting together a retirement strategy include:

  • Supplementing your pension provision with other sources of retirement income such as savings products, investments or even property acquisition;
  • Working out how much you will receive from your state pension;
  • When you plan to retire, and if you are a business owner, when you will leave your business – whether you pass it on to others in the family or sell it and cash out, it is wise to prepare your exit strategy well in advance;
  • Finally, there are matters of life assurance provision, long-term care and medical insurance to consider.

Retirement planning is complex and will depend on a number of factors, most notably your personal circumstances. It is important that you seek professional advice – please speak to us to find out how we may be able to help.