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Six new taskforces launched

HMRC won’t be taking a break over festivities this summer; it is instead launching six new taskforces in the hope of recovering up to £23 million from traders who are paying the incorrect amount of tax. Its taskforce programme specifically targets those they deem as ‘high risk’ sectors and areas of the country. The specialist teams will investigate businesses with powers allowing them to carry out spot checks and examine business records. The latest scheme will particularly focus on:

  • Indoor and outdoor market traders in London
  • Taxi firms in Yorkshire and East Midlands
  • Property landlords in East Anglia, London, Yorkshire
  • Restaurants in the Midlands.

These taskforces – of which HMRC plans to launch 30 more over the coming year – will also run alongside its various campaigns, allowing those to come forward and settle their affairs. The three future campaigns in 2012 will target direct sellers (i.e. door-to-door sales), missing self-assessment tax returns and those operating in the home improvement sector.

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