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Stress-related absences increase

Stress-related absences from work are increasing, a survey by the CIPD has found.  Of the 600 employers surveyed, 41% reported an increase in stress-related absence. This figure rises to 51% in the public sector. The most common causes of stress in the workplace are:

  • high or difficult workload
  • management style
  • relationships with colleagues
  • non-work and family relationships.

Ben Willmott, head of public policy at the CIPD, said: “The message to businesses is clear: if you want your workforce to work well, you have to take steps to keep them well and this means putting employee health above operational demands.”

56% of businesses surveyed said that they are currently taking steps to try and identify the root causes of stress in their workplaces and are creating strategies aimed at reducing it.

Reducing stress at work

Employee absence due to stress can have a negative impact on a business, so it is in the interest of all companies to try and eliminate it from the workplace. A more relaxed workforce is more likely to work together better, be more confident and take less time off. A few steps to consider:

  • flexible start and leave times
  • providing healthy snacks such as fruit
  • have regular one-to-one meetings with each employee
  • encourage regular breaks.

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