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Teenage Cancer Trust Charity: The Push Up Challenge

What is the Teenage Cancer Trust Charity?

Teenage Cancer Trust

The Teenage Cancer Trust is a charity which has been set up to support young people who are facing cancer. They provide life changing care and world- class services to help young people so they don’t have to face cancer alone.

They have asked people to take part in “The Push Up Challenge” throughout the month of November. One of our fantastic colleagues is taking part! This challenge helps raise money and awareness, to help ensure they can provide these services for years to come.

If you would like to learn more about the work that the Teenage Cancer Trust do, you can click here to check out their website.

What is the Push Up Challenge?

Faisal Mustafa

To take part in the push up challenge you must complete 3,000 push-ups by the 30 November. Our fantastic colleague Faisal Mustafa has decided to take on the challenge himself and is already at 2400 pushups. When telling us about his progress he said, “I can’t describe how difficult it is at this stage with fatigue to keep going after 3 straight weeks with no rest days.”

We are so proud of Faisals commitment to this cause. We asked why he decided to get involved in this challenge and he told us “When I came across Teenage Cancer Trust’s challenge, I read through some of their work and watched young people describe the help offered by TCT, including Farhan whose brain tumour relapsed in 2018 but was supported by TCT through chemotherapy to overcome cancer again. There are many more stories like this that I felt so moved by”

How can you donate to the Teenage Cancer Trust?

If you would like to get involved and help Faisal to raise as much money as possible for this wonderful charity, you can donate through the link below using Facebook.

If you do not have Facebook, please use the form at the bottom of this page. We can get in touch and tell you alternative ways to donate.

What else can I do to support the Teenage Cancer Trust?

The Teenage Cancer Trust have so many other ways that you can help. They regularly hold events and challenges just like this one. If you get involved, you can help raise awareness and get more donations from your friends and family.

If you can’t donate money right now, you could always try some volunteering. Even just sharing a post about the charity helps to spread awareness. You could even share this post and let your friends know about Faisal’s fundraiser and the work of the charity.

It is so important to always raise awareness and, where possible, help those in need. We hope you enjoyed reading our article and we look forward to hearing about your charitable contribution. If you would like to learn more about how you can contribute to this cause, please visit their website here.

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