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The Olympic legacy – gold standard?

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The Olympics have come and gone, and it was hard for most not to get swept up in Olympic fever. It is estimated that the build-up to the Games pumped an additional £14 billion into the economy. But what now? The Government is keen to make sure that UK businesses capitalise on the Olympic legacy for years to come, with hopes it could bring in a further £13 billion to the UK economy over the next few years. How?

Olympics in numbers:

  • The Government hopes £1 billion will come from extra sales for businesses taking part in the British Business Embassy programme
  • Up to £6 billion of inward investment into the country
  • £4 billion of overseas opportunities for UK firms
  • A £2.3 billion boost for the tourism industry
  • The Olympic Village will be transformed into the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in a £300 million construction project, creating:
    • 29,000 square metres of office space and 69,000 square metres of business development space available in the Olympic Park
    • Up to 8,000 new homes as a result of 5 new neighbourhoods (yet to be developed)
    • Up to 8,000 permanent jobs, in addition to 2,500 temporary construction jobs.

Could your business take advantage of an Olympic legacy opportunity?