End of the Autumn Statement as we know it?

The Chancellor’s March Budget and Autumn Statement form two of the most important dates in the financial calendar, containing the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) economic forecasts on which fiscal policy is based. Historically, the Budget acts as the main source of economic policy decisions, while the Autumn Statement provides an update on the state[…]

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One month until Real Time Information (RTI) begins

RTI comes into force for some employers and pension providers in April and for all employers by October. Are you doing all you can to prepare? Designed to modernise the PAYE process and to support the new Universal Credit welfare system, RTI will require employers to tell HMRC about PAYE payments in real-time when they[…]

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SEO and social media strategies

What are the best ways to optimise your online content for search purposes? 1,722,071,000,000 That’s how many searches Google processed in 2011. From this, two things are clear: Search engines are critically important online marketing tools Targeting the right people online and increasing your visibility to them requires astute search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies. Optimise[…]

Pensions Update

Auto-enrolment for workplace pensions begins The auto-enrolment scheme for workplace pensions began in October 2012. Between then and February 2018 all employers, regardless of size, will have to automatically enrol all employees into a workplace pension and start making contributions on their behalf. The scheme is being phased in, starting with the largest employers first.[…]