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JacRox and Jack Ross – Whats the Difference?

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We’ve been busy since our incorporation and our merger with Gatoff & Co working on the next stage of our growth plan. The growth plan has included creating a new online accountancy brand that we are very proud to announce today – JacRox.

We are really excited about creating JacRox, it is a modern online accountancy brand and sits alongside our traditional Jack Ross Chartered Accountants service. JacRox is aimed at growing businesses who want to utilise the many benefits of cloud accounting.

JacRox doesn’t replace Jack Ross, and it is aimed at a national market, whereas Jack Ross is very much North West focused. Although we do already act for clients across the country, and in several different countries.

JacRox won’t lead to any changes for existing clients, but if you would like to move to online accounting, we can talk through the many benefits and how you can move across to use the online service.

The new JacRox service is powered by Xero accounting software, and after over three years of trialing a number of online accounting solutions, in our opinion Xero provides the best balance between cost, and user functionality.

We have been in business here in Manchester since 1948 and we have always moved with the times. We believe the new JacRox brand brings the best of forward thinking, efficient web based technologies along with the professionalism and tradition of a well-respected and long established chartered accountancy practice.

Already we have had some fantastic feedback on the new brand and the website. There are a number of features we are particularly proud of, such as the video testimonials from our clients (

The website has a fun element too, and shows that we are not your typical Pythonesque beancounters. Visit the “hypnotic” our team web page ( where you’ll find yourself whizzing your mouse around the screen and clicking on all of the animated faces.

For more information about JacRox please visit or call the team on 0161 832 5316.