Personal tax planning in 2021/22

Personal tax planning in 2021/22 If there’s one thing to take away from Spring Budget 2021, it’s taking charge of your personal finances is going to be increasingly important over the next five years. With the financial fallout from COVID-19 over the last year being the fiscal equivalent of fighting a war at more than[…]

Tax Card 2017/18

Tax Card 2017/18 Taxable Income Bandes and Tax Rates   2017/18 2016/17 Starting rate of 0% on savings up to £5,000* £5,000* Basic rate band Scottish basic rate band £33,500 £31,500 £32,000 £32,000 Higher rate band Scottish higher rate band £33,501-£150,000 £31,501-£150,000 £32,001-£150,000 £32,001-£150,000 Basic rate 20% 20% Higher rate 40% 40% Additional rate 45%[…]