It is possible to reduce inheritance tax by using the business property relief

Business property relief Business property relief (BPR) is a way for UK businesses to reduce or eliminate inheritance tax on certain business assets. BPR was introduced in 1976 to help family-owned businesses continue trading after the owner’s death. They could do this without having to sell shares or the entire business to pay inheritance tax. […]


Giving to charity in life and death

How to include charitable donations in your tax planning strategy. Incorporating charitable giving into your tax planning strategy can be a useful way to reduce both your income tax and the inheritance tax (IHT) that will eventually become payable on your estate. As such, gifts may become an important component of both the estate planning[…]

Tax Card 2017/18

Tax Card 2017/18 Taxable Income Bandes and Tax Rates   2017/18 2016/17 Starting rate of 0% on savings up to £5,000* £5,000* Basic rate band Scottish basic rate band £33,500 £31,500 £32,000 £32,000 Higher rate band Scottish higher rate band £33,501-£150,000 £31,501-£150,000 £32,001-£150,000 £32,001-£150,000 Basic rate 20% 20% Higher rate 40% 40% Additional rate 45%[…]