Dividend or salary?

If you are a director and shareholder of a company you could take payment by dividends, by salary, or a mixture of the two. There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods, including:   Advantage Disadvantage Salary Reduces corporation tax bill. Liable for national insurance contributions. Can be paid even when the company is making[…]

Don’t be a payroll dummy

HMRC recently revealed that hundreds of employers have entered inaccurate information on employer returns – 128 staff had been entered as Mr, Ms or Mrs Dummy, while 40 employees are more than 200 years old according to their date of birth! It is vital that the information submitted is correct, otherwise you could end up[…]

Budget 2012 – time for a review?

Chancellor George Osborne will take to the stand on 21st March to deliver the Budget 2012. He faces a difficult task, as the next general election is not far away, and there is very little room for fiscal manoeuvre. There is no denying we are living in tough economic times, and while there is only[…]

Employers’ guide to 2012 pensions reform

This year will see the introduction of radical pensions reform as the Government attempts to bridge the gap between pension savings and years in retirement with the introduction of auto-enrolment. Pension fact: Just 33 per cent of public sector employees were a member of a workplace pension in 2011 according to the Office for National[…]

Investing in your business

Whether you are considering fresh investment in an established business or initial investment in a new enterprise it is important that your investment decisions are thoroughly appraised, timely, and in accordance with your overall personal and business strategy. Need for a strategic approach Businesses need to keep their investment strategies under regular review, regardless of[…]